Monday, April 8, 2013

Playa del Carmen

My parents came to visit us for the second time since we've been in Mexico. Since they had already seen what Ciudad del Carmen had to offer, we decided to take the party elsewhere. They flew into Cancun, and we drove to Playa del Carmen just 30 minutes south. We stayed at The Royal, perfectly located on the beach and 5th Avenue. The property was gorgeous, the staff was very helpful, and the drinks were plentiful. :p We spent most of our days enjoying the beach and ended every night playing cards as a family. I have to say that we feel pretty darn lucky to have such gorgeous beaches in our backyard. 

My favorite part of the resort was the pool outside of our room. We laid in those lounge chairs most afternoons while a waitress brought us drink, after drink, after drink, after… well you get the point. My mom had a good laugh when I asked "Do we tell her to stop bringing drinks at some point?!" Luckily the sun went down before my liver gave out. 

We apparently decided to travel on the busiest weekend in the Riviera Maya. Between Mexican Nationals traveling for Easter vacation and Spring Breakers, the beach was a little crowded. We somehow managed to enjoy ourselves being served unlimited drinks at the beach and people watching.

Our trip to Playa del Carmen was so much fun! I have to say that it's fun as you get older to become friends with your parents. You always think of them as your best friends growing up, but now that I'm "Billy's problem" we really cut up together. This trip was definitely one for the books.

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