Monday, August 12, 2013

Sotuta de Peon: Hacienda Viva

Since I've last written, a new couple, Alex and Jenny, moved to Ciudad del Carmen from Billy's company. After a little chatting, we realized that Billy and Alex have the same birthday! Jenny and I just knew that we had to plan a birthday trip for the guys. We settled on Sotuta de Peon, a working hacienda near Merida, Mexico. After the wonderful time that we had exploring the hacienda, I must say that I'm happy with our choice! 

Our Deluxe Cabin

Waiting on a woman :P

Alex being Alex, haha

Billy and I at Alex and Jenny's cabin.

The really special part about Sotuta de Peon is that guests can easily see how rope is made from the heneken plant and do a cenote tour without ever leaving the grounds! They also have two great restaurants and a swim up bar at the main pool. After lunch we began the tour of the hacienda, learning the history of the Yucatan and its "green gold." Next, we assisted in extracting the fibers from the heneken leaves and made a rope. Alex and I both volunteered. We hopped on a train led by a mule (SO cool) and headed to the on-site cenote for a refreshing dip. This was a first for all of us. It was awesome! We ended our day in the main pool drinking margaritas. I think Jenny and I get gold stars for planning a great trip.

The gang right before our tour.

The guide kept calling this 'jail' but it is where all of the Mayan slaves lived.

Separating the fibers to make rope.

Waiting for the demonstration

The rope another volunteer made

Billy holding our henequen fibers in front of the old machinery

We are ready for our train ride!

Headed to the cenote

The group in the cenote

On Sunday, we headed to Merida where we went souvenir shopping, walked around the main square, and had a delicious lunch at La Trotto before getting on the road. We are so lucky to live just a drive away from so many local treasures. We had a wonderful weekend with great friends. I look forward to finding out what else the Yucatan has in store for us!

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