Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Real Casa de Landreneau

The interesting and challenging journey of finding our Mexican house began in early May, the week before our wedding. We flew down to Ciudad del Carmen to check out the city to see if we could see ourselves living there. We found a house on that trip and returned home to get married. When we returned from our honeymoon, we were greeted with disappointment. The house that we liked fell through after a few weeks of negotiating. We optimistically thought , “Oh well, we have time.”
On our second trip in the middle of June, we found La Casa Roja after we looked at 15-20 places. Defeated and frustrated, our eyes lit up when we saw its modern, fun exterior with the splash of red color. We immediately asked our realtor if he could show us the inside of “the red house” and that’s how it became La Casa Roja. We instantly fell in love with La Casa Roja and told the realtor, “We will take it!” Apparently that’s not how things work in Mexico. :P
After living in a hotel for a month during negotiations, (getting fat off of Chili’s) we were handed the keys to La Casa Roja on Thursday night. Through the pain and torture of trying to finalize the lease, we could not be more excited to say “We have our Mexican HOME!” It’s the real Casa de Landreneau.
I would venture to say we looked at at least 30 homes in our trips to Carmen. La Casa Roja is absolutely our favorite one, and this process has made me appreciate it so much. If someone just gave us this house, we would never know how special it is. We hope that you love our home as much as we do and that you come to visit soon!

Entry way once you enter the garage

The ride!

Front door inside the house

Our living room/guest bathroom/stairway

Dining room/entry way to kitchen

One of my faves, the dining room wall

Kitchen where I'll work my magic :)

Our bathtub, unheard of in Carmen.

Back patio where I foresee grilling and chilling

Backyard with our very own palm tree :)


  1. Can't wait to see in person. The puppies will be there soon to keep you company.
    Keep enjoying living the life

  2. I love it! It's really gorgeous, n probably what I'd pick myself!!! So wish I could see it, too! I'm so envious of y'all, as I'm sure so many others are. Y'all really are living the life, n I'm truly happy for the two of you!!
    Love, Donnette

  3. Nice kitchen and congrats on scoring a bathtub:)It won't be long until your puppies will be seeing the new home in person. Cheers!